Above: Sensei Gary Lewis, Sensei Lou Zuccaro, and Sensei Derek Fogarty
Instructor Profiles

Sensei Lou Zuccaro

Sensei Lou Zuccaro started his martial arts training in 1964 under the guidance of his uncle Eramus "Sensei Ray" Purificato. Their journey began in Brooklyn New York with Modern Jujutsu taught by Sensei Joe Murgola, a protégé of Professor Florendo Madriaga Visitacion . Sensei Lou studied with "Prof Vee" through the many evolutions of Professor Vee's system, Vee-jitsu-ryu Jujutsu to Nisei Goshinjutsu. At the Dojo six days a week, doubling up on classes some nights, Sensei Lou "cross-trained " long before that phrase was coined. The Dojo operated with different styles sharing the mat; Jujutsu was taught three nights, Judo two, Kung fu one and Goju Karate another. This training coupled with his own life experiences forged Sensei Lou into a well rounded martial artist. Sensei Lou began teaching in the 70's and opened in his own school in the 80's.

Sensei Lou began another journey in his martial arts career when he formed the Zenbu Ryu Jujutsu on August 8,1998. His mission is two fold, to teach a comprehensive fighting art and to help students become the best that they can be in all aspects of their lives.

Sensei Gary Lewis

Sensei Gary Lewis began training in Yoshin Jutsu Ryu Ju Jutsu at the Expert Defense and Survival School in Brooklyn, New York in 1989. Under Sensei Doug and Sensei Theresa Luback he obtained the rank of Shodan in that school in1995. He started training under Sensei Lou Zuccaro at the Staten Island Dojo in 1995 and is a founding member of Zenbu Ryu Ju Jujtsu. He obtained the Rank of Shodan in Zenbu Ryu Jujutsu under Soke Louis Zuccaro in 2003. Sensei Gary was the first of Soke Lou's students to teach Zenbu Ryu Ju Jutsu and promote students outside of the Staten Island Dojo. He taught Zenbu Ryu Ju Jutsu at The Kinderhook Martial Arts Center and at Dewey's Martial Arts Academy, both schools are located near Albany in the Capital Area of up state New York. With Soke Lou's permission Sensei Gary has also taught several seminars in up state New York to represent Zenbu Ryu Ju Jutsu. Sensei Gary is still a student of Soke Lou and now teaches and practices under Sensei Lou back at the Staten Island Dojo.

Sensei Derek Fogarty

Sensei Derek Fogarty began his Martial Arts training with Sensei Lou in 1995 at the Staten Island Dojo. Sensei Derek is a founding member of Zenbu Ryu Ju Jutsu and obtained his black belt in 2003. Sensei Derek is still a student of Soke Lou and now teaches and practices under Sensei Lou at the Staten Island Dojo.


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