Congratulations to everyone who competed at Naga.  You really made us proud.  8 Gold medals, three Silver medals and one bronze between six fighters!  Thanks to everyone who competed, and to everyone who helped them train for this event.  This is a victory for all of us.



Congratulations to Jen on her promotion to Sankyu.



Congratulations to Mike on his promotion to Sankyu.



Congratulations to Darby on her promotion to Yonkyu



We performed a demo at Aaron Banks' Oriental World of Martial Arts on 08-14-2010 at the New World Stages theatre.  It was a great success, and we have been asked to perform at several other venues, including Madison Square Garden.  The link to the youtube video is- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwckvnA8dJY


Located in South Beach, Staten Island, the Zenbu Ryu JuJutsu Dojo provides the best in instruction for the beginner and expert. Our students receive a well rounded education that teaches realistic, battle proven techniques for all situations and body types as well as traditional martial arts philosophies of courtesy, respect, self discipline and hard work.
Children, women and men of all ages, sizes and skill levels are taught to master the advanced fighting art of JuJutsu by our highly skilled and experienced instructors. In addition to learning this effective self defense system, our students enjoy countless benefits, including improved self confidence, concentration, flexibility, and overall mental and physical fitness in a supportive, family-like environment.

 The next Naga Tournament is on June 30 in Hartford, CT 

********Tournament Results********

We had a great turnout at the Naga World Championships.  The results for the Children's Division on April 15 were as follows:

Liam Shea won First Place in Gi and No GI in his weight class in 12s Division, and also went up another weight class for another First Place Victory

Hailey Cancilleri won First Place for the 11s Division in Gi and No Gi

Krissi Hedderman won First Place in Gi and Second Place in No Gi in the 9s Division.

Jonathan Martin won First blace in both Gi and No Gi in the 12s Division

We had two participants in the teens Division on April 14:

 Benny Paccione Won second Place in the 17s Division and third in the 15s

 James O'Neill won second place in the 17s in his weight class.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.  Keep up the great work!!!

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